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Desirae Fox, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Joycelyn Wormley, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Kim Stephens, Community Engagement Director

Student Intern program


TSF is dedicated to providing the CURE by being a Community United to Revitalize and Empower. Therefore our goal is not to reinvent the wheel and create new programs that will compete and interfere with resources, but to rather partner with community organizations that embody the TSF mission. We will support community organizations by marketing their events and by supporting the events by providing a group of volunteers.

Our community partnership program is fueled by the power of interns. Our interns will be integral part of our program by coordinating with community organizations, and by recruiting volunteers. Complete the contact form below if you are interested in finding out more information about our intern program.


Executive Assistant Intern Announcement (pdf)


Outreach Coordinator Intern Announcement (1) (pdf)


Public Relations Intern Announcement (pdf)


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