Providing emotional and logistical support for parents of Angel Babies

Angel Baby:

A baby who passes away before the age of 12 months 

Parent of an Angel Baby

A parent who forcibly surrendered their infant child to God. And who may not ever understand why this happened to them, makes a decision to live and to honor the legacy of their child everyday. 

Kali’s Keepsakes was founded by Natalie A. Coles in honor of her daughter Kali Iris Axelia Baker. Kali became an Angel Baby December 30, 2017 at the age of 2 months. Natalie received the news about the loss of her child, while at work, and immediately was forced to plan a funeral service, and arrange burial arrangements, all while grieving the loss of her newborn baby. Once Kali was laid to rest, Natalie was faced with daunting questions. What now? How do i heal? What do I do with all my baby’s stuff? 


What We Do

Keepsake Service

We understand the immeasurable value of an Angel Baby’s belonging. That is why Kali Keepsakes provides its “Keepsake Service".  We will take the items you find most cherished such as the Angel Baby’s coming home outfit, a blankie, or a stuffed animal, and make it into a carefully crafted keepsake for the Angel Baby’s parent.   

Donation Service

When a new-life suddenly ended, a parent’s innate response may be to either retain everything that belonged to the Angel Baby, or to purge any and everything that has their memory attached to it. Releasing the belongings of a loved one, is a crucial part in the bereavement process; however, A grieving parent should not have to prioritize transporting the belongings of their Angel Baby. Kali’s Keepsakes “Donation Service”, will come to that parent’s house with a comfort gift, and will carefully transport the Angel Baby’s items to our donation storage. All Angel Baby donations are made available to other Angel Baby Parents, and teenage parents that demonstrate the need for financial assistance.

Counseling Service

Kali’s Keepsakes provides our "Counseling Service" for free within the first year of the Angel Baby's passing. We provide a life coach who will will host up to five free counseling sessions to the parents, and siblings of the Angel Baby to aide the closure process. 

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