environmental justice community meeting

The Stephens Foundation (TSF) is working with Sacramento County's Planning Department  in developing policies that pertain to Environmental Injustices. The County is requesting to hold a meeting with community organizations to develop a better understanding of the community index, and TSF has been tasked with organizing a community meeting.    


On Thursday 10/25/2018 the County conducted a workshop that requested community members to come and learn about Environmental Justice and provide community members and organizations a platform to discuss how the County's Planning department can help make South Sacramento a healthier, safer, and more equitable community.      

Although the workshop effectively discussed the County's policy goals; the County determined that a follow-up meeting would increase the amount of Community involvement in the policies. 

TSF representatives were present at the workshop and requested to gather leaders from community organizations, and organize a meeting with these community leaders and with County Staff.




MEETING 1:   The first meeting will be an internal meeting with TSF staff and with community members. The goal of the first meeting is to discuss Environmental Justice, the Planning Departments strategies thus far, and what Policies we as community members and residents with influence  would like to see implemented.


MEETING 2:   The second meeting will be held with TSF Staff, Community representatives, and County Staff. The goal of the second meeting will be to  have a constructive, efficient, and focused conversation between community leaders and County representatives about challenges that plague the South Sacramento Community and to discuss potential policy oriented solutions (see below).


In September 2016, the State Legislature passed Senate Bill 10 00 (SB 1000) which requires municipalities with disadvantages to incorporate environmental justice (EJ) policies into their general plan.