Elite Stakeholders Brunch

What is an Elite Stakeholder?

An Elite Stakeholder is a community worker or business owner who consistently volunteers, creates socially conscious content, or provides life sustaining resources and services with the purpose of aiding a community's progression. 

What is the Elite Stakeholders Brunch?

The Elite Stakeholders Brunch was created to celebrate those who avidly work towards the betterment in for different  communities. 

During the brunch we will break bread, network, spotlight the work of all attendees and award one Elite Program with a monetary donation.

Know Someone Doing Awesome Community Work?

If you would like to recommend someone to be honored as an "Elite Stakeholder" send a short description about who they are, what their community contribution is, and why you think they are an Elite Stakeholder to TheStephensFoundation@gmail.com

Know of An Instrumental Community Program?

To nominate a program for the "Elite Program" award send a description of the program and why you think they are elite to TheStephensFoundation@gmail.com no later than September 1st. 

When and Where?

The Elite Stakeholders Brunch is scheduled to take place in October 2018. Stay tuned for the official date, time, and location.