The Stephens Foundation Partnerships

What Does it Mean to Be a TSF Partner?

The Stephens Foundation's mission is to aggregate businesses and services to create an online databse for the convenience of the comunity. 

As a TSF partner,  you agree to be incorporated into the online database and have TSF advertise and refer your business services. 

What Does it Mean to Be a TSF Partner?

TSF is dedicated to providing a database of resources for the convenience of the community, while subsequently promoting and supporting local businesses and programs. 

Our partners are the core of The Stephens Foundation, and we are committed to nurturing their success and elevation. The following are benefits TSF provides to their partners.    

  • Free promotion and advertising on The Stephens Foundation website.
  • A website page on The Stephens Foundation site (if needed).
  • Website development.  
  • Free promotion on The Stephens Foundation social media sites.  
  • Referrals to your business at all events TSF attends and hosts. 
  •  Referrals to your business/program for TSF members.

Become a TSF Partner

If you are interested in partnering with TSF complete the form below and send it to DFox@TSFound.Org