About Us

Our organization is inspired by the life of Kim Stephens. Kim was raised in a home where her mother demonstrated that social capital is just as important as financial capital. Six days out of the week Kim and her four siblings were ushered to church by their parents Nathan and Diane Sweatt. Growing up Kim and her family did not always have materialized demonstration of wealth, but they had wealth in the form community support, and spiritual fulfillment. To this day, her and her siblings are devoted to continuing the efforts of their parents through community engagement.      

 As a single parent raising five children, Kim experienced the same difficulty as her mother in retaining financial security. She realized as an adult that there were very few programs to help her support her family when she was in need. So she began involving herself in community organizations, formed partnerships with existing entities, and served on the board of for newly formed businesses. Kim formed the idea of The Stephens Foundation to help adults who experience challenges in sustaining a healthy financial and community existence, and to contribute to the attainment of both social and financial capital.Say something interesting about your business here.