TSF PArtnerships

The Stephens Foundation's mission is to aggregate businesses and services to create an online databse for the convenience of the comunity while subsequently promoting and supporting local businesses and programs. 

TSF has two different categories of partners, "Community partners", and "Business Partners". Each of our partners realize the TSF mission of providing a Community United To Revitalize and Empower. 


Community Partners

Community partners are organizations who support and enact TSF's mission of being a Community United to Revitalize and Empower (CURE). Such organizations have been identified by TSF to provide services to community members that help CURE social injustices and contribute to the improvement of the region's community health

About our community partners

Business Partners

Business partners are businesses who provide a life sustaining resource for individuals and for families. Such businesses have been identified by TSF to be reputable establishments whose business models is grounded in  empowerment and utility and some have agreed to subsidize their services to TSF referals.

About Our Business Parnters

Become a Partner

Our partners are the core of The Stephens Foundation, and we are committed to nurturing their success and elevation. If you are intersted in becomning a TSF partner, click the link below. 

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